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Motta våre nyhetsbrev

 From South-Africa to Harstad, North Norway and they are going for for 2mnd "tequila kayak expedition" in the North


This is pictures from the journey out from Harstad to the islands out of Harstad and up to Senja.


Fishing on the way out from Harstad

1 day dinner


Camp time


It is easy to find a good place to camp when paddling out from Hinnøy, Harstad


..on the way again


Who is fastest...raindeer


A stop on the way



More dinner...


Camp time


Utfor Krøttøy





FIrst message from Quinton:
,,,,paddled in the wonderful Zegul Empower between Ornes 66.8688° N and Harstad 8.8222° N from 3-13 June 2019. 350 km's paddled on this first section of Norwegian Arctic coastline.

First picture


quinton from cape town kayaking in  north norway

Quinton have earlier experience of paddling in cold water areas includes Patagonia (35 days), Alaska (45 and 25 days) and British Columbia (30 days). He want to explore the north of norway, paddling between high mountans, the blue green clear water and arctic islands. He had notice true sosial media that many paddlers started from the tequila kayaks shop for exploring the north and for longer expeditions, so the contact was made.










For expedition paddlers #tequilakayakexpedition


.....Expedition paddlers from Cape Town, South Africa has travel up to us here in the north, for exploring kayaking between mountains in June and July
They want to get best kayaks expedition and Zegul Empower and Bara was their choice.


Quinton (2m guy) has allready been here for 2 weeks enjoying paddling in Zegul Empower.

Rob just arrived for pick up of the Zegul Bara for exploring the kingdom of islands outside Harstad.


They will also go arround Senja and see the mountains in Vesterålen and if possible have a finish at @arcticseakayakrace. Maybe also visit Lofoten if time. Nice guys you will see on the sea arround us here. 


If you see them please ask for a picture and tag us @tequilakayaks and where you are and get a free tequila paddle muff


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